Book Review: Mastering Web Application Development with Express

This is a fantastic book for learning web application development using express on node.js by Alexandru Vlăduțu. The book covers express 4.x. This book covers almost all aspects of node.js development like http, validations, templating, testing, API development, best practices and lot more. The book introduces many fantastic node.js modules which can be helpful for a node.js web development. This is one of the best book you can find for learning and mastering express/node.js

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Raspberry Pi as DLNA/UPnP media server + WIFI to Wired Ethernet NAT

Raspberry Pi is configured to serve media files using minidlna upnp server. To extend wifi in home, RPi is configured to forward Internet connection from wifi to ethernet. The ethernet is connected to Netgear router so that Netgear can act as another wifi AP. Thus extends wifi connection. Raspberry Pi also runs dnsmasq to assign IP addresses to the clients connected to it. It also acts as a DNS server.

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Authentication fix of Owncloud 6 for webfaction hosting

If you are running owncloud on webfaction hosting service, you might encounter a strange problem in authentication of carddav and caldav. For example, if you hit https://YOURDOMAIN.TLD/remote.php/carddav/addressbooks/YOUR_ADDRESSBOOK/contacts you will be presented a basic authenticaion dialog. Owncloud will not accept your username/password no matter whether the password is correct or not. Here is a fix for this problem.

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What happens behind the scenes when you browse a webpage over Internet

I can see that people are very interested to know what happens behind the scenes when they browse a webpage over Internet. Some of my friends keep on asking me to explain the whole process more than one time. Though I found some of the explanations on the Internet, nothing seems to be explaining the process in depth. So, I decided to write my own version. Hope this might help some.

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SSH login without a password

Many a times, we don't want to type a passowrd to login to a remote host through ssh. we can make use of ssh keys and ssh config to make ssh login process easier and more secure.

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N900 not booting

Yesterday I messed with easy debian chroot on my N900 so, I deleted the easy debian image and copied fresh one to my N900. When I was trying to install phpmyadmin in easydebian, suddenly N900 turned off and then rebooted. It was stuck at showing five dots animation splash screen foreaver and never loads desktop. I tried to reboot, remove battery and inserted again. Still my N900 not booting. As a last resort, I tried to flash N900. Flashing went well but still the problem was there. I thought I bricked my N900. My wife will kill me if I ask another N900. :(

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