Authentication fix of Owncloud 6 for webfaction hosting

If you are running owncloud on webfaction hosting service, you might encounter a strange problem in authentication of carddav and caldav. For example, if you hit https://YOURDOMAIN.TLD/remote.php/carddav/addressbooks/YOUR_ADDRESSBOOK/contacts you will be presented a basic authenticaion dialog. Owncloud will not accept your username/password no matter whether the password is correct or not. Here is a fix for this problem.

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What happens behind the scenes when you browse a webpage over Internet

I can see that people are very interested to know what happens behind the scenes when they browse a webpage over Internet. Some of my friends keep on asking me to explain the whole process more than one time. Though I found some of the explanations on the Internet, nothing seems to be explaining the process in depth. So, I decided to write my own version. Hope this might help some.

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SSH login without a password

Many a times, we don't want to type a passowrd to login to a remote host through ssh. we can make use of ssh keys and ssh config to make ssh login process easier and more secure.

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N900 not booting

Yesterday I messed with easy debian chroot on my N900 so, I deleted the easy debian image and copied fresh one to my N900. When I was trying to install phpmyadmin in easydebian, suddenly N900 turned off and then rebooted. It was stuck at showing five dots animation splash screen foreaver and never loads desktop. I tried to reboot, remove battery and inserted again. Still my N900 not booting. As a last resort, I tried to flash N900. Flashing went well but still the problem was there. I thought I bricked my N900. My wife will kill me if I ask another N900. :(

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